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Paily Invoicing

  • Banking
  • Invoicing
  • Mobile app design
  • Fintech
  • UX/UI
  • Development

About project

Paily Invoicing is here to help you generate a professional tax-deductible invoices to your clients across borders.

Paily Invoicing is based on a partnership agreement that allows you to use multiple legal entities to createan invoice and send it to your customers. Fill up the invoice details, choose an optimal jurisdiction. No bureaucracy, no bookkeeping, no hidden fees.


–°reate a convenient and user-friendly application for users where they can easily generate invoices to their clients across the world.


This project was implemented within 2 sprints which include 4 main design stages.

UX and analysis

We conducted an extensive UX-work, which included analyzing competitor applications, compiling technical requirements and documentation, compiling scenarios and user flow.

Lo-fi screens

We have created Lo-fi screens to represent the flow between the screens and its functional requirements.


We have created over 300 design components for our final UI.

Final app design

  • 168


  • 29

    days of work

  • 5


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