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  • P2P
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  • Web platform
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About project

Getincome is a marketplace, where users may lend money to Loan Originators. By lending some funds, the user receives an attractive and stable asset that will stand strong during the economic cycles. The company may give an outcome of up to 15% per annum.


The goal was to develop a safe investment marketplace, that is convenient for the user. Every user receives Getincome’s buyback obligation, cashflow buffer and junior share.

Style guide

Over 250 components were built within the UI Kit, based on the following style guide.

Web & Mobile UX & UI

After composing a competitor UX research, the team proceeded with creating Getincome’s web application structure and user flow. Next, our product designers dived into designing the high-fidelity wireframes, along with the style guides and UI kit. We focused on helping the user understand the functionality of the app. Later on, we have also co-operated with the developers and designed the UI Kit for the mobile application.

The mobile application has been developed in cooperation with Evonomix. We have put in the value with developing the style guides and user interface kit. The components library has been created and sent to the team of developers to finish out the project.

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